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Cyssan /Kis'n/ comes from Old English and means kiss

We fell in love with the name Cyssan so much (and hope you will too) and knew it would be the perfect name for the fashion accessories brand we wanted to launch. We loved the sound - in part familiar, yet still unknown. The meaning is elusive, yet conjures deep emotion - just like a kiss.

A ‘kiss’ means so many different things to so many different women around the world: affection, lust, passion, respect, friendship, devotion, peace, good luck, and love, to name a few. A kiss plays such an important part in women’s lives. Some say the word Cyssan represents the sound people make when they kiss.

And think of all those positive connotations the word kiss has: ‘A light touch of something’ or ‘to gently touch something’, like the feel of the breeze or the sun touching you skin, or the way you can kiss something better for your loved ones.

Standard. Traditional. Conventional. Bland.

These are definitely not the words we associate ourselves with at Cyssan.

Instead we want Cyssan to stand for Unique. Distinctive. Unconventional. Inclusive. Cruelty free. Vegan.

Inspired by the way watches were worn in the past, we've added stylish details to the vegan-leather watch straps so you can wear them the Cyssan way.


We are proud to stock our Cyssan watches at Immaculate Vegan and Not on The High Street.

A limited collection of our watches are stocked on Gramersi, and watches that didn't quite meet our quality controls on Owni.

For retailers interested in stocking our watches please check out our catalogue on Faire or Ankorstore


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